Configuring Linux

Battery life

Undervolt your notebook CPU for longer battery life (ubuntu focused) Medium

Command Line Interface (often refered to as CLI)

Create hard link Easy
Create symbolic link Easy
Connect to wireless using CLI Easy

Filesystem and files

share folders using samba
advanced document regarding samba
mounting samba shares
How to edit your fstab file Easy-Medium
Install GmailFS, so you can access your Gmail account as a filesystem Medium (universal)
Mount ISO images in Linux
Mount ISO and MDF files in linux


Access hardware information Easy-Medium


Compile a second Linux kernel Hard


Configuring Ubuntu on Macbook Easy-Hard


Learning IPtables (firewall)

Screen, Graphics and effects

How to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file Easy-Medium
how to reverse vnc


making a dedicated grub partition


Install programs from Source (ubuntu focused) Easy


Debian/Ubuntu Set up Apt-cacher on a server so clients can retrieve updates and programs from the server instead of the internet.
set up apt-cacher
Compile programs


Ubuntu Pocket Guide Very easy-Very Hard (Ubuntu focused) An excellent free ebook
Great Ubuntu Guide
GREAT site Very Easy-Medium
100 Great free programs for linux
top 25 free games for linux
List of games for Ubuntu
Boot information and guides for dualbooting and such

Cli resources

Manual for Elilo Medium-Hard Elilo is an EFI bootloader
FTP User manual Easy-Hard
Common Linux CLI Commands Easy-Hard
Log files in Linux (ubuntu focused) Easy

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