Find Free Alternatives For The Programs You Already Use In Windows

As every computer user, you probarly have your favourite programs you use, and some programs you need for work/hobbyes and such. In linux there are alot of alternatives for those programs and almost all of them are free to use. If there are programs you can`t find alternatives for, it might very well be possible to run them under Linux with a program called wine. If there are programs you can`t find here, try searching google or check out []

Programs you probarly use and alternatives:
Program: Alternative programs

Microsoft Excel Openoffice Calc, E2spreadsheet, Gnumeric
Microsoft Word
Msn Messenger

This page displays the list of my recommended programs, there are ofcourse other quality programs out there, but these will get you started
If you do not know how to install a program in Linux, check out this guide: How to Install programs in Linux
In alot of these programs websites, there are packages designed for your linux distribution, and is often installed by simply download the file and doubleclicking it.



Rhytmbox is a great music player, it can also handle your podcasts and radio channels.
it can also easily play your mp3 files and such by installing the right libraries.
The Rhyhmbox requires Gnome to work, so if you are using KDE, you have to install alot of extra libraries as well
The official site only gives out the source for the program, so you will either have to install from source, or search google for "download Rhythmbox #Distribution" replacing #Distribution with the name of your distribution(such as Suse, Red Hat, Ubuntu)
Homepage for Rhythmbox with links to the source



Firefox is a really good replacement for your old internet browser, the strength of firefox is in the amount of extensions available. There are alot of other good internet browser, but not anyone with so many extensions and themes available. Firefox is available for almost every operating system. my favourite extensions for Firefox: Noscript(not for beginners) and Autodial (and chromifox basic as a theme)
Download and install Firefox


Opera is a web browser made in Norway(my home country), the newest version supports torrent downloads, rss, synchronising of bookmarks and alot more.
Download and install Opera



Pidgin is a messenger client that supports alot of different protocols, including: AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk
Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MySpaceIM, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, Yahoo!, Zephyrn
Download and install VLC


Amsn is a great msn messenger replacement, it is stable, and easy to install and use.
Download and install Amsn


VLC (Video Lan Client)

VLC is a great video player, very recommended. it can play encrypted dvds and avi with the right libraries installed.
Download and install VLC


Skype gives you the ability to talk with your friends and associates with ease. If you open up an account as well, you can even call regular phones and cell phones from it.
Download and install Skype

Install support-libraries for MP3, DVD, Flash, Quicktime, WMA and WMV

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