Myths And Facts About Linux


  • Sad GUI standards,
  • not for the average user
  • too much fiddling, twiddling, and configuring.
  • Wireless support stinks to high heavens.
  • Software is hard to load.
  • Just not ready for prime time computing for Joe-six pack.
  • Installing programs is easy with windows because there is a standard. Try installing VLC and you'll see what I mean.
  • Anytime you try to install or change something on your own computer you have to type a password. And god forbid you run the program in root, then you get every warning that exists.
  • Installing anything good in Linux requires an entire weekend ending up in learning how to reinvent the wheel.
  • To truly use any Linux distribution your going to have to either take classes in how Linux works or spend time reading a lot of books and forums.
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