Try Linux Without Damaging Windows

There are several ways of trying out Linux without damaging Windows. All with diffrent advantages and disdvantages ofcourse.

Try a Linux Live CD

Difficulty: Easy
Advantages: Doesn`t touch your hardware at all, and you`l only waste a CD (it can also be used to recover files from a broken Windows partition
Disadvantages: You can`t install anything permanent into your linux. any change you do will be erased.
How to reverse it: Destroy the cd
What you will need:1 Blank Cd or 1 blank dvd (very few Linux Distributions currently require a dvd)
How do I proceed?

Try a Linux from a Live USB

How to reverse it:
What you will need:
How do I proceed:

Install Linux using WUBI

Difficulty: Very easy
Advantages: Just works. very easy to install and uninstall
Disadvantages: Does not work on Mac Os X, runs slow compared to a real linux, doesn`t give you any choices of what distribution of Linux you want to use.
How to reverse it: Uninstall Wubi
What you will need: Access to a computer
How do I proceed:
Ubuntu Linux has an unique feature which none of the other distributions have (that I am aware of).
It allows you to install Ubuntu like a windows-program, so you can easily try it and easily remove it if it`s not for you. This does not work on Macs, though.
Install Ubuntu Linux using wubi

Install some Open-Source programs in Windows/Mac Os X

Difficulty: Very easy
Advantages: gives you a little taste of what linux has to offer
Disadvantages: It just gives you a small taste of what Linux has to offer
How to reverse it: Uninstall the programs you have installed
What you will need: A computer running Windows/Mac Os X
How do I proceed:
Check out our recommended-programs, and find a program you are interested in. (alot of these can be run from Mac Os X or Windows, all of them are free)
Install your chosen program

Use virtualisation to test a Linux Distribution (EASY)

This option lets you test alot of different distribution fast, without the need for cds or usb sticks. It has gotten quite popular, and the method is also used for servers mostly because of it stability, and very quick recovery if anything goes wrong.

Install a program on your computer to virtualize Linux
Difficulty: Easy
Advantages: You can try alot of different linux distributions without any costs
Disadvantages: The linux distributions installed will run slower then a regular linux install
How to reverse it: Uninstall your program, and remove the Linux files
What you will need: Some space on your harddrive
How do I proceed:

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